Mothers International is a well acknowledged licensed manufacture of dental products based on substantial research and development. Keeping an eye on the innovative trends in the global market we at Mothers International are inspired to constantly upgrade our products and services. Our Multinational business is firmly upheld by the state of the art ensemble of production system, Human Resources and R&D.


We at Mothers International bring forth exclusively high quality competitive products that confront world class standards. Our production unit is amassed with hi-tech machinery of International assemblage and standards. German automated hand crafted machines of inconceivable quality have gone into fabrication of our CNC grinding tools, files and other metal based products used in root canal treatment. In addition, we deliver a range of Swiss made machine for consumable products and US made machine for adhesive and impression materials.

Human Resources

Mothers International possess a preeminent aggregation of skilled labors, expert engineers and technical staff with scores of expertise in dental and medical field. Our HR team comprises highly interactive, responsive and supportive productions, sales and customer care personnel, who cater to the diverse demands of our clients

Research & Development

R&D frames the solid substructure behind the product realization at Mothers International. We take pride in affirming that our organization is the pioneer in establishing in-house R&D team that consists of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineers, Metallurgists, Technical Engineers, Medical Experts, Healthcare professionals, skilled Doctors and field specialists. Our team makes sure that every single product endures appropriate research and evolvement, lawfully registered and is launched as consumables in the market after undergoing the conventional 7 tier examination. The professional team of Dental technicians and clinicians appraise the research scientists about the needs across the therapeutic areas and participate in the trials and the intellectual scientists explore materials and metallurgies for biological compatible products. The experienced Engineering team, having expertise of all advanced technologies in vogue, formulate the innovations into operating technologies to augment clinical efficiency. The team of committed co-ordinators constantly interact between the external market needs, the active research team and production status. The Management team monitors the research efficiency, financial investments , the inputs of each sector within the department and the quality management, the products from such superlative R&D team at Mothers International guarantee outstanding quality to their clients.


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